There are two scriptural offices in the new testament church: the Pastor and the Deacon. The deacon’s responsibility is to be an

assistant to the pastor in shepherding god’s flock. Because of the high and holy calling of the pastor having been placed as overseer by the holy spirit, the deacon in like manner must exemplify the same kind of high standards. It is no mystery that often the apostle Paul wrote

in 1 Timothy 3 about the requirements and qualifications of the bishop (pastor), that he went on to say, likewise the deacons must be…

The ordination of the deacon comes after a season of deacon training whereby the potential deacon “proves” himself for the office that will set him apart to serve the lord. Since the deacon is being called into service, he must know his assignment and what his responsibilities will be in carrying these out. Far too many deacons have been appointed to the deacon ministry with no specific ministry assignment.



The deacon must ever keep in focus that his task is to serve and not to be served.  

The Junior Deacon Ministry is designed to instruct young men who are interested in one day becoming a deacon

as to the function, responsibilities, and role of a deacon as it relates to assisting the pastor in shepherding God’s flock.



In addition to teaching young men about several aspects of the office of the deacon, a major focus will be given to character building including integrity, attitude, and mannerisms.  Considerable time will also be given to scriptural memorization and application. In addition, each participant will be required to learn several hymns by memory and conduct a simulated devotion (song, prayer, and scripture) without the assistance of others. The ideal target age for a junior deacon is young men between the age of 9 and 21.


Any young man who meets the age requirement and is a baptized member of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church is eligible to apply for the Junior Deacon Ministry; however, only 12 will be selected for the ministry at a time. Each aspirant candidate is required to complete an intense 3-month class consisting of an oral and written test. The student is required to master objectives approved and outlined by the pastor that will be given at the beginning of the 3-month class (singing, scripture memorization and application during worship service, praying, dress, and overall conduct). The highest scoring candidates will be chosen for the ministry and successfully become a junior deacon.


Once a young man graduates to the Junior Deacon position, he will from time-to-time be privileged to assist deacons in devotional duties. Junior Deacons will be expected to sit in the front row pews during worship service and actually sing and pray with the deacons who are in charge. The Junior Deacons will also conduct the devotional services for youth (2nd Sunday) Sundays and all youth related activities held at the church. Lastly, the most recent graduating junior deacon class will be required to assist with future Junior Deacon classes. Galilee Missionary Baptist Church makes no guarantee or implication that a Junior Deacon will become and/or be appointed to a Deacon position by the pastor. Parents and Junior Deacons will have a clear understanding that appointment as a Junior Deacon is subject to change based on participation at community events and within the ministry, attending required practice sessions and junior deacon classes, and overall conduct and expectation of a junior deacon at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.

Junior Deacon Ministry Inquiry

Please click here to send the Junior Deacon Ministry an email with your contact information if interested in learning about the ministry in general, or would like more information about joining the Junior Deacon’s Ministry or Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, a church where Jesus is Lord and His Word is supreme.

Suggested Study Materials for Junior Deacon Test

• Locating books of the Bible • Become very familiar with 1 Timothy 3 (KJV)

• Who is the head of the church? • How many scriptural officers do we have in a Baptist church?

• What are the pastor’s duties?

• How many ways are there to receive persons into church membership?

• How many ways are there to dismiss persons from the church?

• How many ordinances are there in the Baptist church and identify them

• What is baptism and what does it symbolize?

• Is baptism essential to salvation?

• What is the Lord’s Supper?

• Who institutes the Lord’s Supper?

• Who may partake of the Lord’s Supper?

• May a person who has not been baptized partake in the Lord’s Supper?

• By whom should the Lord’s Supper be administered?

• What steps would one take to correct a member in the church?

• What is worship and what does it consist?

• What is the order of service?

• Who is authorized to preach the gospel?

• What are the books in the Bible?

Junior Deacon Ministry Activities

Become A Part Of This Dynamic Ministry…

In addition to classroom instruction, each participant in the junior deacon class will be involved and required to participate in several activities including but not limited to:

• One major project i.e. church picture calendar, church directory, video, etc. (Parents must sign a waiver agreement allowing permission for all junior deacon participants under 18.)

• Physical fitness activities (All activities will be communicated in detail for health purposes)

• Weekend outings

• Class trips (Signed waivers will be required for all participants in order for to attend functions)

• Volunteer activities “Building Character Through Helping Those In Need”

• Fund raising activities